Developing Personal Vision


To develop a joyful life enriched with personal growth, purpose, and the meaningful giving to the world, we must conquered the psychological barriers embedded in us. In order to overcome such barriers, we use a tactic that our brains are naturally very good at – we use our vision.

Why Seeing is Achieving

As is pointed out here, our sight is a form of “sensory reasoning” that uses a blend of the outer world and internal processing to distinguish what is being observed.  And, our brain gives an overwhelming amount of resources to this form of reasoning. Around 20% of the brain is devoted to vision only, and around 60% of brain is involved, in some way, with vision.



Though vision is a dominant modality in our brain, new findings suggest that even V1 receptors – a primary visual neuron – are more than just visual interpreters. Instead, visual receptors are relying on a combination of body position and expected visual feedback to also interpret data. In essence, sight is concretely linked with our other senses and construct of the world. That means our visual system is an important tool to use when trying to obtain a particular goal. Literally, when visualizing our future, we are persuading our mind to  have reactions towards an outside world that matches our ideal inside vision.

The Field of Vision Categories

The transformation our identity, our behaviors, and our skills can all be initiated by a well thought and specific scenario for what success looks likes. To develop a personal vision, we must have clearly established targets for the four main elements of our day:

  • Career
  • Family
  • Sleep
  • Self

Each domain will offer unique problems, needs, and resistance. These categories, however challenging now, are capable of revision. Your career might need a revamping of skill. Your family may need to redefine quality time. Your personal self may have incongruent beliefs. Regardless f the situation, create a specific destination in your mind, then figure out the map you must create to get there.

Training Vision

Getting our behavior in sync with the life we desire takes training, but thanks to neuroplasticity our brain is capable of making the change.  In order to train our internal sight, a few rules apply:

  • Visualize in great detail – not only the end goal, but the way ahead
  • Leverage personal resources – utilize your unique identity  and skills to develop solutions to specific environment
  • Notice results – become aware when your internal vision is manifesting into the outside world
  • Revisit your vision – adapt in failure and success and never become complacent

The more you revisit these rules, the more precise your vision becomes. The more precise the vision, the more balance your emotions, psyche, and life becomes.

The Purpose of Keytovision

In essence, our purpose is to be a support system as you formulate your paradise. You have a vision for how your world should be. Additionally, you have the solutions to the problems that are in front of you. Keytovision should allow you to implement your vision 3x more effectively.

At the end of the day, our lives are shaped by someones vision – it might as well be you who paints the picture.


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