How to Make Money with a Website Monetization

If you have a web page already created and you want to get something out of it, I will explain to you which are the most profitable techniques to monetize your content and generate monthly income, some of them passive (without any effort). It doesn’t matter if your page has few or many visits, as I will also teach you how to make a profit even with new pages.

Just remember that this is not sewing and singing, if it were a gold mine the whole world would be dedicated to it. But don’t be discouraged either, something sure that you will be able to scratch. Shall we start?

Web monetization techniques

Among the most used website monetization techniques, precisely because of its demonstrable results, we find many options that we can use on our page in a unique way or by combining several of them. Think that absolutely everything that can bring you benefits will be an extra to be added at the end of the month (and many small extras make a great total).

  • Advertising from Google Adsense or other similar platforms
  • affiliate programs
  • sale of courses
  • sale of products
  • Sell ​​spaces on your page for other companies to advertise
  • Create sponsored articles
  • accept donations
  • Promote your Youtube channel

Too many things? Don’t worry, they are actually all very easy to apply. In addition, I am going to explain step by step what each of them consists of and how they can help you generate income with your website. Let’s start from the beginning.

Advertising with Adsense or similar

If you have a web page that is already well positioned and has at least a thousand visits per day, you can start generating passive income by adding ads from Google Adsense or other similar companies. Although from my own experience, I assure you that Adsense is the most reliable of all, so it is the one that I recommend.

What does it consist of? It’s super simple, you just have to sign up for Google Adsense and add your website. Adsense will provide you with some codes that you must add to your web page, with which Google Adsense will be able to show ads to your website visitors.

The more visits you have that look at the ads, and the more clicks they make on the ads, the more money you will earn passively, without doing anything at all, cool?

The negative part: You must have a lot of traffic for it to really be profitable, although after a thousand visits a day it will already generate benefits for you to have a few beers. On the other hand, when adding Adsense advertising to a website, it generally becomes slower and heavier, so I recommend you learn how to optimize your page with Adsense through this complete guide:

Affiliate program

Affiliate programs are also great for adding benefits to our account at the end of the month, a passive way of generating another extra for our economy. Using them is very simple, you just have to sign up on any of the many existing affiliate platforms and put some of their links in your content.

A practical example, my blog is SEO, WordPress, Hosting… that’s how I registered as an affiliate at Siteground, which is a company that sells web hosting. When I register, they provide me with special links that I must use on my website. So when I write an article about Siteground, instead of putting a link to their website, I will put the special affiliate link that they have provided me.

Thus, when a reader of my page enters Siteground through my special affiliate link and hires one of its hosting services, Siteground will pay me a small commission. It will cost the reader the same to buy your hosting through my affiliate link than through a normal link, but it will generate a small profit for me.

I can tell you about Amazon, Ebay, insurance companies, travel companies, etc… It doesn’t matter what your website is about, there are thousands of companies that offer affiliate links so that you can promote and change, and get sales commissions.

Pros and cons? The pros are the possibility of generating benefits passively, it depends on the niche of your website, you will earn more or less. The cons is that although you can use them, you should not abuse them, because a website full of affiliate links is an uninteresting website for Google and it will harm your SEO positioning.

Sale of courses

Creating a course on something you control, putting it into a well-laid-out PDF, and selling it through your website is a great way to make money. If you look, it is a practice widely used in many blogs of people who are dedicated to SEO. They explain how to earn money, they give you three or four good tips and then they advertise their course, so that if you want to learn more… you have to go through the cashier first.

It is not a technique that I approve of to be honest, because many times those courses that they sell do not say anything new… nothing that really helps a person to generate great income or improve their SEO strategy, however I respect the way that each one has to earn a living. Personally, you will never see me sell you a course, I prefer to explain things as they are and that you learn from them at your own pace (if they are practical later, you will invite me to a beer).

The same is true for any other niche on the Internet, if you have a cat page, you can write a cat care guide and sell it on your website. As an example, in reality any theme is good.

Sale of products

Setting up a small store on your website is also an excellent option to generate income, depending on the sales you make, the income will be higher or lower, obviously. It is not necessary to buy a thousand products and have them at home in “stock” waiting for someone to buy them. You can use dropshipping without problems, without commitments.

Dropshipping consists of signing up with a wholesale warehouse and when someone places an order with you, the warehouse itself prepares the order and sends it to its recipient. Your profits are the difference between what the reader has paid for the article and what you have paid to the wholesaler. Did you like the idea?

Imagine that you have a page about pets, you can contact a wholesaler who offers dropshipping and sell pet food, accessories, etc. through your website, without having to make a previous investment.

Sale of advertising space

Another of the best ways to generate passive income is by renting advertising space to companies. You can send emails to companies related to your niche and offer your advertising space at the most convenient price you think. The most used spaces are:

  • Banner in the header (next to the web logo, above the menu)
  • Banner at the beginning of the content in the post
  • Banner in the middle of the content
  • Banner at the end of the content of the post
  • Banner in the sidebar (sidebar)
  • Banner via Popup

Depending on the traffic and the relevance of your website, you can contract these spaces for a greater or lesser amount. The position of the banner also influences its price, the most expensive are generally the highest.

Sponsored articles

Another way to monetize your website is by creating specific content for companies that pay for it. They generally require that a certain product be spoken of well and a link to its website be included, something totally understandable. However, that link can be dofollow or nofollow, and the price directly influences the type of link. Dofollow links are the most expensive, but Google penalizes their sale so… be careful.

Accept Donations

Putting a button on your website to accept donations is not such a bad idea. Perhaps a financially affluent reader feels satisfied after the help received with your content and wants to make a contribution, you never know.

Did you know that there are web pages that survive exclusively from donations? And not only that, but many end up forming foundations given the enormous amount of donations received.

Monetize Youtube

In the same way that you can put Adsense on your website, you can also put it on your YouTube videos. So you can use your website to promote your YouTube channel and thus receive more traffic, which translates into more income.

YouTube is a source of gold, but the truth is that you have to spend a lot of time creating and making quality videos. If you have time to spare and you have some knowledge of video editing, it can be a great source of income.

Do I have to declare the money earned with a website?

Yes. Personally I am self-employed and every time I receive income from Adsense or other means I have to generate an invoice. With the new self-employed law, it is not necessary to be registered for the whole month, you can register for a few days, make your invoices and cancel again, thus saving you a good amount.

Not declaring the profits generated can mean that the Treasury will give you a good fine, and when in doubt, the heaviest. However, there are some court rulings that indicate that if you earn less than the interprofessional minimum wage, you are not required to declare… However, there is not much unity in the face of those rulings, so I recommend that you go legal and invoice.

An advisor will not charge you more than fifty euros for preparing your statement and advising you on how you should pay as little as possible. We are all Treasury yes… but the less fortunate are always the ones who pay the most, while the large multinationals and great fortunes are the ones who pay the least. Tambourine country. Do not be canelo and within the law pay as little as possible.

How much money can I earn with a web page?

Actually it’s something like asking me when you can lose in a casino… Everything is relative. Monetizing a web page can go very well and earn thousands of euros per month, or it can go wrong and not earn any benefit. The truth is that it surprises me that a well managed page does not generate at least €200 per month, but everything is choosing the theme well and creating quality content. And also, be patient… not everything works out the first time.

As an example, I have friends who have paid for their luxurious chalet with the benefits generated by their pages and others who simply earn just enough to treat themselves to a few treats a month, a few beers, a game for the PS4, a little trip… everything is very relative. The more well-known your page is, the more income you will undoubtedly obtain. Remember, web traffic is synonymous with economic benefits, even if you do not sell anything.

How to make money with a web page without traffic?

Good question. Well, there are many people who prepare extraordinary web pages, with a beautiful design and very practical information that later do not end up receiving any traffic. Either because of bad SEO or simply because your niche has a lot of competition. The fact is that pages that do not have organic traffic from Google can also generate many benefits.

The trick of these pages is to use affiliate links to sack and also sell their own products (accessories, courses…). Some do both, some just one.

To get readers to click on your links or buy your products or courses, what they do is buy traffic. And how can you buy traffic? Well, very easy, you pay Google to position your website and you are the one that appears in Adsense. Or you promote a post on Facebook to get readers (clicks). And how are you, a handful more.

Buying traffic is super easy, plus good traffic, selected by age, country and tastes. So if I have an insurance website, I can buy traffic from men and women, between the ages of 40 and 60, who have recently searched for insurance on their computer. And wow! we can have the most exclusive traffic of all.

Where is the trick? There is no trick, you just have to see if the benefits you get from buying traffic are higher than the price of that traffic. If, for example, my affiliate links do not leave me a large commission, perhaps the cost of paying for advertising is greater than the benefits. Look for niches that report a lot of money, such as life, home or car insurance, for example.

What are the most profitable themes (niches)?

We are entering dangerous territory, because precisely the most profitable topics when it comes to generating profits with Adsense or affiliate ads, are precisely the niches with the most competition on the Internet. What does this mean? What will be complicated is that you can position your page in the first Google search results to obtain organic traffic (free). But beware, complicated does not mean impossible.

Let’s get to the point, these are the most profitable niches:

  • Investments / Stock Market
  • Health
  • Insurance (of any kind)
  • Technology
  • Hosting (Web hosting)
  • Contacts / Relationships
  • Pets
  • Online courses
  • Engine
  • Real estate

If you are good at any of these topics, that is, if you are able to write interesting, truthful, and high-quality content without having to constantly research yourself, that is your niche.



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