The Top Utility Apps for Saving Money and Time

You are tired of always pulling savings and not making ends meet as you would like. You think that if you organized or managed your finances better, you could even start making yourself a ‘little mattress’, but there is no way for you to succeed, you don’t know how to save money or you are not capable of doing so.

In that case, the article you are now reading will be very useful. Yes, because in it we are going to introduce you to the best applications to save money. With them you will not achieve the desired financial freedom, but it will come in handy to save extra money.

What are utility apps

Before fully entering the list of apps that will help you save euros, you should know what they are.

Well, these are mobile applications that will help you better manage your accounts, control your expenses or save certain monthly amounts. In other words, they will be of great help to achieve that goal of shaping a reserve of money that you can use to deal with unforeseen events, to treat yourself or to put an end to debts that you have pending.

What are the best utility apps to save money?

Today we live glued to our smartphones, tablets and computers, so the number of applications that exist is vast. They are there to inform us, to entertain us, to communicate… and, of course, to save. In the latter case, the list is quite long, but we have selected those that, due to functionality, simplicity or objectives, stand out above the rest.

Specifically, the best utility apps to save money are these:


For both iOS devices and those with Android, this tool is available for free and is among the best valued. With it, it is possible to achieve a savings goal thanks to the fact that it allows, among other things, to monitor all our expenses and even categorize them.

In addition, it gives the possibility of consulting our bank accounts and even the transactions carried out in them at any time. And it allows them to be grouped and synchronized. But there is still more, because you can also establish a forecast of expenses based on those you made in previous months.


In this list of savings applications we could not fail to include this other one, free for Android and iOS devices. With it, you can set alerts for upcoming bill payments to set spending and savings goals. Without forgetting that, in addition, it offers you graphs on the evolution of what you spend.


Reaching your goal of being able to save, even a small amount, each month is something for which this app can also be very useful, which works with iOS and Android. It comes to be the technological version of a traditional expense book.

Why can it be your ally? Because it allows you to comfortably control all your accounts, because it gives you the option of keeping track of all your expenses, and because it even offers you graphs about your economy.

It has a free version and a paid version that, of course, puts several more useful tools at your fingertips.

The fourth position in this ranking of the best saving apps is occupied by this one, which is free and works on iOS and Android devices. The way it can help you reach the goal you have set for yourself is by periodically saving an amount of your money from your account. In this way, at the end of the month you will see that you are having some ‘savings’, which will grow progressively.


Synchronizing your bank accounts, preparing your monthly budget, checking the state of your finances and controlling your expenses are the actions that you can carry out through this other app. What’s more, it even gives you the possibility of setting a savings goal.6.Spendee

6. Spendee

What turns out to be a very intuitive and visual application are two of the main advantages of this tool over others. With it you will be able to manage your expenses, analyze your income, register the payment of the bills that you have to pay and even set goals to make yourself the ‘mattress’ that you want.

In addition, a unique feature that it has is that it gives the possibility of creating different ‘savings bags’. And it is that you can establish one for your vacations, another for your whims, for the house…

7.Digit (Timely)

Of course, we can’t forget about this other free app that can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices. Its main hallmark is that it allows you to save a small amount of money periodically by depositing it into your account.

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to know at all time your income, your expenses, the movements you have made…


If we have seen other applications that work as an expense book, this one works for you as if it were a piggy bank. And it is that based on the savings objectives that you set and your payment ‘commitments’, it will indicate the measures that you can take to fill that one. You can find it on Google Play and the App Store.


The ninth position of our best saving applications is occupied by this other one, which allows you to have all your expenses under control. In addition, it gives you tools to plan a monthly budget and even to be able to set goals for the end at hand. What’s more, it even provides you with statistics and summaries of the evolution of your finances. 


Its ease of use is, without a doubt, one of the main advantages of this app with which you can track your expenses and divide them into different categories. Thanks to this, you can be more clear about which ones you can stop doing and thus save.

11. Clarity Money

It goes without saying that another helper that you can have to get that ‘mattress’ that will help you deal with unforeseen expenses or whims is the application that you now have in front of you.

It allows you to synchronize bank accounts and, through artificial intelligence, helps you control your finances. Thanks to this, it will be very useful for you to make decisions in order to save.

12. Fudget

Nor could we forget to let you know about this other application, which is the favorite of many people around the world. Why? Because it allows you to schedule monthly obligatory payments, make lists of income and expenses… All of them are very useful tools to manage your economy and achieve the objective we are dealing with.

13.Money Manager

Free and without ads is this other saving app that also has many ‘followers’. In his case, its main strength is the ease with which it allows the expenses that are made to be controlled. And it offers summaries and graphs that are easy to understand and useful for making savings decisions.


To close this list of savings applications, we are going to present one that helps you plan your budget, manage your expenses, check movements, schedule payments… It is really intuitive and complete. It can be downloaded for the two mentioned systems.

In general terms, these are the most useful money saving apps that you now have at your fingertips. You just have to choose one and start taking the first steps to get that piggy bank you need.

15. Woolsocks

It is a mobile application with which you can save on your daily purchases thanks to cashback.

Woolsocks has agreements with shops and the app, after detecting a purchase in a partner shop, pays you the money that corresponds to you, which will be a percentage of the amount spent in said store.

The application also offers constant offers of agreements that arrive with various brands, and also, at the end of the month, gives you the option of being able to see in which category you have spent the most money.

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